Information is a key aspect of our day-to-day life, be it studies, jobs or simply the household chores. This is because information equips our mind with knowledge.And since we live in the 21st century – an era of Information Technology, internet is the ultimate source of information for all.

Keeping the importance of Information in mind, CrazyEducation took the initiative to develop an online platform that could provide offer adequate information to its visitors based on various educational niches.

Who We Are?

Founded in the year 2016, CrazyEducation is an online information portal designed to enhance the users overall search experience. CrazyEducation provides you with relevant and most specific results about your queries on different niches.

CrazyEducation is to bring you specified search terms to offer an enhanced online search experience to the users. With our unique information portal, we try to solve common queries of the users relevant to a particular subject in form of question and answers and discussions, allowing them to find what they’re looking for in a timely and precise manner.

CrazyEducation is one of the top Q&A based websites that empowers users with the authoritative and reliable information they need.

Services We Offer

The founders of CrazyEducation are committed to making the internet a trustworthy place by providing accurate and relevant information than any other platform.

  • Solving the Programming Queries – Developers and students believe in CrazyEducation to help solve their technical problems related to various programming languages like Java, PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, etc. Here, you can find queries and discussions on numerous programming issues along with precise solutions given by industry experts.
  • Notifications about latest Government Openings – We at CrazyEducation also provide useful contents regarding various competitive examinations such as GATE, SSC, Banking, UPSC, and much more. With CrazyEducation, you can get detailed information and job notifications collected from various government websites by our team.
  • Online Study Material – We understand how troublesome it is to find information and study material relevant to upcoming examinations. Hence, CrazyEducation also offers study material in form of previous year exam papers and sample papers.
  • Sharing Information Across – CrazyEducation is an interactive online platform that engages its users allowing them to share the information with their friends, colleagues, etc. via various social media channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Not only this, they can also participate and share their own knowledge in form of comments and feedback helping others to get relevant information.
  • List of Colleges – When it comes to education and career, colleges and universities play an important role. Hence, we also offer a list of state wise colleges and universities to help users make a better decision.

Commenced in January 2016, CrazyEducation has now become a top choice for the users across the country which proves our true dedication and hard work towards our users.

Our team is committed to offer adequate information to the users to enrich their lives as they grow and mature in their careers.