a sequence of characters that forms a search pattern is known as Regular expression. Syntax /pattern/modifiers; Example : http://crazyeducation.in/programming/java. OUTPUT : Search a string for “crazyeducation”, and display the position of the match: Try it

Loops are used to execute a block of code a number of times means to repeat number of times same code (with different values). Types Of Loops : 1. for loop 2. while loop 3. do-while loop. OUTPUT : New Delhi Noida Mumbai Benglore

JavaScript Bitwise operator works on 32 bit numbers. In this operation any numeric operand can converted into a 32-bit number and the result will back converted to javascript number. OUTPUT : The bitwise operator & returns a logical AND. result

The Set methods are used for setting a part of a date formats. The setFullYear() Method setFullYear() sets a date object to a specific date. In this example, to April 27, 2016 OUTPUT : The setFullYear() method sets a date object to a special date. Remember that JavaScript counts months from 0 to 11. Month…